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10 Best Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

The 10 best veggie dinner recipes

If you are a complete vegetarian or you just wish mixing up your food pattern a bit, the exquisite list of veggie recipes for dinner mentioned in this article can be a really appalling to those who have meat cravings all week long. The 10 best veggie dinner recipes mentioned can help you get ideas for weekends or fast weeknight meals.

In case you have dithered over dinner for quite some time, the recipes mentioned below helps to get you covered with some lip-smacking ways for including calcium, proteins, and other vital nutrients in the diet. These vegan recipes are also excellent tactics by which vegetarian cooking is taken to a whole new level. Mostly people have a lingering misconception about vegetarian food being dull and boring, but it is not always correct, as you can see with the food recipes provided, it is also exciting, and veggie food can satisfy anyone’s discerning palate. One of the advantages for you to go green is saving a lot of time, as vegetables get cooked much faster than meats.

Do you wonder about the ways of including key nutrients in the diet? Have a look:


Building of a balanced Meal

Combination of fibre with protein during dinner helps you to feel full for long time. Sprucing the meals with slices of orange or a little lemon juice helps in increasing the intake of vitamin C. As you do not want to have salmon, say yes to walnuts and flaxseeds every day to full-fill your requirement of omega-3 fatty acids.


Protein-Packed Diet


Meat does contain protein in the maximum amount. But in case you are a pure vegetarian try loading up your dinner with protein-rich ingredients such as green beans, soybeans, whole grains, or nuts and seeds. If you include tomatoes, asparagus, soy, seaweed, tofu, onions or corn in your diet it can be a great substitute for chicken or meat and delicious at the same time.


Calcium and Iron

It is a proven fact that recommended iron intake for any vegetarians is almost two times more than that of non-vegetarians. Legumes, seeds, dried fruits are packed in iron, broccoli, bok choy, tofu, kale are really rich sources of calcium.
Quick and Smart Tricks for Veg Cooking


You as a cook must know certain tips to make meatless meals super tasty. In case you need to cook for a mixed crowd of non-vegetarians and vegetarians, you must have some tricks up your sleeves to satiate both their taste buds. Fresh, colorful and seasonal vegetables are always welcome in your menu, using garden fresh vegetables full of taste and flavour with addition of some cheese or tossing lightly in olive oil can give that needed zing to your dish and it looks beautiful.

1. Cheese 

Cheese is always the secret ingredient that helps sprucing up your mundane dishes and transforming the dish completely, making it totally yum.

2. Garlic kick


Fine chopped garlic definitely enhances taste of the dish.

3. Meaty Greens


Vegetables such as mushrooms, potatoes, beetroot, aubergine, squashes add taste and colour to the dish along with green spinach and red, yellow, green bell peppers.

4. Extra flavor


To spice up the hotness factor of your meals stock up your kitchen cupboards with piri piri sauce, chilli flakes, cayenne pepper.

Home-made Recipes


Paneer Makhni Biryani


Makhni Paneer Biryani is quite an exotic vegetarian dish with layers of white rice and immersed in rich cream gravy. This palatable food will become your favourite very soon. These veggie recipes for dinner can surely satisfy vegetarians as well as meat-lovers at the same time.
Hot Yellow Curry with Vegetables


Your guests will surely be impressed by this ambrosial Thai dish. It looks awesome as a yellow curry, with flavours of lemongrass and galangal. You may add some carrots, broccoli, and eggplant and see everyone craving for more of this!
Masala Bhindi

This purely Indian recipe is a heaven for foodies. This easy and quick masala Okra recipe is a bit spicy, yet scrumptious and you will want to have this tonight definitely.
Pommes Gratin


This rich potato gratin loaded with thick cream and aroma of thyme, can surely satisfy any palate. Add cheddar cheese to lend that extra creaminess with a fine cheesy tanginess to this heavenly dish.
Vegetarian Burritos


Not the usual one, but you can whip this savoury Mexican burrito at dinner. It is loaded with kidney beans in a cheesy mix, and served fresh with tortillas having a tantalizing salsa and your dish is an instant hit. It is delicious, and packed with protein, so it is perfect for your family dinner.
Vegetarian Nargisi Kofta


Nargisi vegetable kofta fried golden brown are delicious for your taste buds. You may spruce this marvellous recipe with some tangy curries or have it as is.

Penne A La Vodka


This Italian creamy pasta palate with vegetables like carrot , broccoli, asparagus and the irresistible flavour of vodka, will make everyone earning for more at the dinner table time and again. High in carbohydrate and vitamins these veggie recipes for dinner are comforting and divine at the same time.
Dum Paneer Kali Mirch


This is cottage cheese cooked on steam and is totally delicious. For those on a low-calorie bandwagon, try to exclude the cream part and be guilt-free. It is an ambrosial curry made colorful with black pepper and pleases one and all at dinner table, vegetarians or non-vegetarians.
Vegetarian Khow Sue


This is a lovely coconut filled Burmese delicacy, and a one-pot meal. When garnished with fried onion, garlic, peanuts it can create magic. With some generous addition of lime juice, it will burst with authentic flavors in very short time.


Szechuan Tofu with Cauliflower

The tofu cubes are tossed in a little corn starch for absorbing extra moisture and getting a crispy crust and then sautéed in Szechuan sauce. It is absolutely splendid.

Matar Ka Dulma


This is a hearty vegetarian dish packed with green peas tempered in spices and with masalas, and will be loved by non-vegetarians as well.

Theses vegetarian dinner recipes can become your absolute favorite in no time and can complement your hectic life. Some people believe that vegetarian dishes are easy to digest as compared to its non-vegetarian counterparts and therefore their digestive system remains strong and healthy for a long period of time.