Tips to build your best backyard play ground

Backyard Play Space Tips for Your Kids

Your house is the comfort zone for you and your family. Your kids should be enjoying every part of it. Therefore, the best way to make your kids happy at home is to make them a decent safe playing area in your backyard. This backyard will be helping your children mentally and physically, giving them a creative space and to invite their friends to play at their playground under your supervision. Free play increases the children creativity, skills, social skills and self-esteem. These values are needed instead of excessive use of technology and social media. If you are considering upgrading your backyard, follow these tips to get this in the best, cheapest and safest way.

1- Safety first

Children can get crazy while playing and will not be caring for their safety. Therefore, the playground should be perfectly safe.

This starts from choice of equipment with sizes suitable to your kids’ age. Oversized playground equipment can cause serious injuries to your children.

If you are going to have high ramps, elevations you should install barriers to prevent children from falling off the set.

Check the temperature of the set before your kids start using it. Metal or plastic materials can get extremely hot in summer daytime and can cause burning injuries.

Use professional help to ensure properly installing the equipment and proper fixation in the ground.

Regular maintenance is important to avoid surprising accidents.


2- Start with a playhouse

There are many options to start with as swings, complex play structures but the most basic is the playhouse. It will give your children their special fortress where they can have secret meetings and invite their friends. I prefer you build a basic playhouse and encourage your kids to decorate its walls with their drawings. After a while, you can add another play structure as a bridge or a slide and connect it to your playhouse.

3- Build a swing

The second step after a decent ply house is to build a simple swing set or buy a professional one according to your budget. You should consider choosing a big set so that you can use it too as you will be tempted to try it anyway. Enjoying a relaxing swing to after a hard workday will definitely make you happier.


4- Some simple games

*Mobile mud pit: you can use an old box or container and with the beach games and the ground’s mud, it will be ready in a few minutes and easy to clean at the end of the day.

*Rope and bucket: a rope tied to a bucket and passed over a high pipe or a tree branch. The children can fill the bucket with anything and compete lifting it up. This is a great exercise for their muscles not just a game.

*Tire swing: You just need a large tree with a strong branch, then use an old decent clean tire and a rope and you are ready to swing.

* Flowering plants: A couple of pots of any flowering beautiful plant would be awesome. It will upgrade the overall look of your backyard and you can teach your children to water and take care of them so they learn responsibilities and watch their flowers grow every day.

*Kiddie pool: This is amazing for children in a hot summer day. There is countless games to play in a pool. You can buy foldable pools to use them on the spot and then store them easily.

*Climbing walls: Small version of a normal wall with various shaped forming protrusions attached. The kids cling to the wall and mimic real climbing.

5- Let them design

After all this playground is for our children not us, and they will be using it the most so it is a great idea is to ask them what they want before starting. Try to compromise between their needs and your budget.  Your kids can contribute to design their own playground by surprising you with their ideas and then they will love it even more.

6- Supervision is inevitable

This depends on your kids’ age, if they are less than 8 years you can never leave them without direct supervision.

You need to put all the structures in the backyard so you can view them from your room and make sure that everything is ok. You do not want to sit there and watch them all the day.


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