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Puppy Mills, Rescue Centers & Qualified Breeders

Have you wondered where those cute puppies you see in the windows in pet shops come from? Have you wondered what conditions they lived in prior to being transported to the pet shops, how they were bred and where they were kept? Did you know that 98% of all pet stores in the US sell kittens and puppies bred in puppy mills?

           A puppy mill is a place where so called “professional breeders” breed animals. They are used solely for the purpose of breeding, often times kept in small enclosed spaces and in inhumane conditions. The hygiene rules most of the time aren’t applied because the breeders care only about the sale, and this leads to the animals getting many types of diseases such as round worms, conjunctivitis, neurological impairment and many more, but also behavioral problems and temperamental issues.

Puppies are very cute and innocent, and we all love them. But ask yourself, is it really necessary to spend money on cute puppies that are so damn cute, but raised in an environment that is despicable in many ways, plus supporting this terrible, unnecessary method of breeding?

Why not use rescue centers? Yes it is true that the pets you find in rescue centers often have been abused one way or another, but it does not tag the dog as mean, or it’s life has no use any longer. It means the dog has an opportunity to get the loving home and life it deserves. It will exponentially pay you back in joyful, loving moments, only experienced together. Why support puppy mills that only survive for greed, when you can save a dog’s life and enrich yours as well?

Rescue centers dedicate their time and resources on finding good homes for animals that need good homes or went through hell. Those that are licensed will pay using donations for any surgeries or medical treatments, so that the animal you will adopt is disease-free. They may also train them, so they won’t have any behavioral issues and they won’t be dangerous.

Shiba Inu’s are not all that different and the breed demand is high. On the flip side of this issue, there are also qualified and caring “professional breeders”, that keep great standards in this industry. They will have a clean facility, great referrals from buyers and vets and many work/support the shelters and rescue centers. We applaud their actions.

It pays to do some research and even visit the sites offering pups, prior to spending money. Saving a dog that has been, or is about to go through hell, is a noble and righteous act. A puppy deserves a family of it’s own, to live a full & complete enjoyable life with you.

So what do you prefer: Qualified breeder, Rescue Center or Puppy Mill? Supporting puppy mills is wrong in our opinion, and with a little research, you too can make a well informed decision to help curb the puppy mill horror, abuse, disease and overall quality of breed.