Every child needs a retreat to escape indoor life. A great, easy way to provide an adventurous place for your kids to play is by giving them their own backyard playset . There are many you might decide to choose from, from simple to extravagant. One of the most important aspects of selecting the right equipment for your children to play on is the material it is made out of. There are many plastic sets available on the market today, but these usually inferior in comparison to quality wooden kids playground sets. This article will discuss some backyard playground ideas to consider when building your backyard playground.


Slides, swings and other playground equipment accessories should be plastic, but the structure itself will fare better if made from quality lumber. The best kinds of woods to select from include redwood and cedar. This is for a few reasons. An individual kid’s playground set may be made with both kinds of wood in different areas. Redwood would most likely be found as the main structural element. It is the best wood for structure because it is naturally resistant to many insects and decay, so it need not be treated with dangerous chemicals that could harm your child. Cedar would be suitable for a playset’s floors, roofs, and walls because it is an extraordinary hardwood hence it doesn’t develop cracks as easily. Being a durable wood makes it easy to maintain.


Wooden kids’ playground equipment are known to last much longer than plastic playgrounds. Many people may be initially turned off to the idea of wooden play structures due to splinters, but if you read reviews you will find splinters are a very rare occurrence. The redwood and cedar used in quality equipment are sanded and sealed, so splinters really should not be a concern at all. Many quality wooden sets have a lifetime warranty.


Children’s playground equipment, especially wooden play structures, is available in ready-to-assemble kits, complete with play forts and systems, and with plans attached. Most kits are accompanied by simple user-friendly instructions, and can be set up in just a couple of hours. If you want adventure playsets tailored to your unique vision about your child’s creative playthings, there are many options in terms of design and material for custom-made home or residential playground equipment.


Commercial backyard playground equipment is the most affordable option, as such sets contain standard designs and play structures that have been tried and tested in schools and parks. For affordable playground equipment, consider Hedstrom swing sets, which are easily the most cost-effective.


There is a wide range of providers to choose from. Although residential playsets are available at many stores online, many of them with free shipping, you might also want to buy your set from a store near you, so that you and your kids can get the ‘feel’ of the set before you decide on which one to buy. Rainbow Play Systems is a reliable option, with their custom design center that allows you to build your playset with the help of professional advice.

Make sure you choose a ‘safety zone’ of at least six to eight feet around the playset and ensure that no large objects or appliances are placed within close range of your playset. It’s also a good idea to create a padded floor around and under the set since falls are all but inevitable. If you’ve opted for a wooden play structure, choose a non-splintering wood and also check that all pipes and chains are dipped. With a well-designed playset that offers equal amounts of safety and creative enjoyment, your children and guaranteed hours of fun in the security of their own home!


Things to Consider Before Building Your Backyard Playground


Before building the backyard playground for your child, there are some important things that you need to consider before building your backyard playground:

1. The age and size of the kids. The playground equipment for a toddler will differ from that of a school age child. This is because their growth rate and sizes differ; not to mention the fact that they also have different abilities at that age. For instance, in building a fort for a school aged kid, the guard rails do not necessarily have to be too close to each other as the head of the kid is not likely to fit into it. But imagine what would happen if a toddler were to put his head in the guard rails. Is there a tendency that his head will slip between the rails and his neck trapped? You bet. This is because the size of a child’s head at the various ages differs.


2. The space available. The amount of space available is also an important factor to consider. This is because kids are more likely to be so excited that they would keep bumping into each other on the playground if space is too cramped.


3. The proximity to the house. This is vital as in spite of all efforts to make the playground secure, it is still possible that accidents may happen. If this ever happens, you want to be able to dash out the house and reach any injured kid in 10-30 seconds.


4. The floor of the playground is also an important aspect to consider. This is because kids will always fall down. But you need something softer to help break their falls while still minimizing their injuries. Floors like concrete and asphalt would do a lot more harm to any kid that falls off a swing that a wood chip floor would.


5. Fencing the playground can keep the children from running off into the street which is also a good factor to consider when building your backyard playgrounds. Wood fences and planting shrubs would do the trick too.


It is very important to remember that while wood playgrounds are more durable and lasting than plastic playgrounds, you must be sure to order a set that is not treated with harsh chemicals. There is still a debate on the matter of whether it poses a real threat to people who are exposed to it, but why take the risk? Shop wisely and choose from a distributor that does not sell treated wooden kids playground equipment. As always speak with your playground builder and make sure that you use a playground builder that has the experience to give you the best backyard playground ideas.