Backyard Play Space Ideas for Kids

Backyard Play Space Ideas for Kids

A backyard in your house can be a bliss where you can relax every day and have a great time after a hard day at work.

However, the greatest benefit will be for your children as playing outdoors is a dream for every child, it also makes them more creative, sociable, and healthy, and they do not need to go to a park anymore as they can play in the backyard and invite their friends.

A recent study has shown that most of childhood memories are made outdoors. You can test this on yourself as you will find its true.

The new generations are not spending enough time outdoors so you need to make your backyard attractive and decrease their use to social media, video games, but there is also an alternative to make a good transition with this kids, there’s an option to place a screen in the back yard ranch were they are able to play video games and still be outside, and this can actually make them stop for a while on the games and keep playing with the outside word, also the best way is to start with virtual video games and if you haven’t hear of this you can learn more about virtual games and start the experience, you will be able to interact with the environment outside of your house.

It does not matter your space or your budget, in this article, we will show you the best backyard play space ideas for kids and you will find the options that you can fit to.


  1. The nature is the answer

Children simply prefers natural elements in their play space more than sophisticated play sets.

You can simply apply this by adding a pond filled with water and some small fish in it, make sure to add a sand box and mix it with some water to make mud shapes and houses as if they were at the beach.

You need to buy some plants to increase the natural colors and their diversity in your backyard.

A big tree is a great idea for children to build their games a around as you can attach a swing to its branches, build a tent beneath it or a woodhouse above if it is big enough, don’t forget that trees are great shade providers in summer and it will fill your garden with fresh air.

Once you implement these natural elements in your backyard, the gaming options for your children are endless and the environment surrounding them will be healthier and safer then plastic fabrics.

  1. Endless activities

If you really want your children to like this playground, it should have a variety of playsets, ideas and activities. The different activities your children can engage in will make them less likely to get bored or stop using the playground.

Luckily, you can add many options easily such as:

Water streams, you can dig a little stream of a 3-5 meters in length and just fill it with water to mimic a river for your children this will add endless options from paper boats to fishing for your kids to enjoy.

Climbing wall is a great sport for kids and adults as well where you can exercise daily with your children to make it a habit.

You can buy it online or go for a DIY and your children will be very happy to invite their friends to play with it.

-Water wall

Very simple nearly free of charge game for children in the summer, all you are going to use are a bunch of old bottles, containers and some nails to attach them to the fence. The bottles should create a circuit of water flow, if your kids are old enough you can let them design their wall and be more creative.

Movie area, children nowadays tend to stay more indoors using tablets to play games and overspend time on social media, so we need to mix between the indoor-outdoor experience and that is why you should have a movie area.

In an empty area in your backyard use pillows, picnic blankets and anything that will make the place more comfortable use a large screen or a projector to watch their favorite movies.

-Stones, stumps and logs

Kids surely love to play with movable parts to as rocks, stones and stumps, which are easily found even free from your landscape suppliers, they can be used as a stool for children to sit on, or to create a challenge path as a game or the larger ones used as tables and play areas.

Logs are also the base for a lot of activities with their different sizes they can be a balance beam, imaginary dinosaurs, airplanes or a climbing frame.

You will be surprised with the great play value from some wooden logs.