family friendly backyard designs

We usually neglect the backyard in our houses, but it can help us built a better family and live a better life. The backyard when equipped can be a great place for all the family to have fun. Your backyard can include some spaces for children activity and a chair for the parents to enjoy sunlight too. Therefore, your kids and their friends can have fun while you are chilling and taking care of them. In this article, we will show you the latest family friendly backyard designs and ideas so you will look no more for the best use of your backyard for all the members of your family.

Create a play area

The main purpose of this construction is to create a playing space for your kids. If your backyard have no grass, you should try playground rubber tiles. They come in a variety of colors and are easy installed by interlocking with each other and they are budget friendly as well. They will allow your kids to wander bare-footed freely and are a good base to set the other equipment on.

Safety first

As we mentioned, the whole point here is that the kids are having fun. You need to supervise and watch them to make sure they are safe and will not harm each other.

* Your design cannot take the whole backyard; you need to have a space for a couple of chairs to watch them.

* Grass or rubber tiles are great safe options instead of ceramic or marble.

*The maintenance and proper installation of the play equipment should be 100% safe before using.

*Install barriers if you have a ramp or a slide where someone can fall off.

*In the summer, the plastic can get hot and cause burn so make sure it will be suitable before using it.

Treat yourself

You need to relax and not just take care of children. If you have two opposite trees or a tree and a wall, it can be a great idea to install a hammock in the backyard facing the play area where you can relax, read and even the kids can use it as a swing too.


Use a patio table

A nice fashionable table can turn the backyard to a place for gathering, parties and even studying. Patio tables have plenty of designs and prices but you can always find a DIY tutorial.

Establish a pergola

A pergola is always amazing and attracting people anywhere, it is installed. The pergola combines the shade and the comfortable relaxation while seeing the rest of the yard. As obvious, a pergola can bring your family closer together.


Plant a garden

If you have the enough space, I highly recommend establishing a garden. You can try the raised garden type, try to plant some vegetables to benefit from them and some well-scented plants to remove any bad odors and they look great. Taking care of the garden is a family activity that will get your family more together. You can also cover the whole yard in grass as it gives endless games as football, kickball, jogging…etc.

Create a chalkboard wall

Everybody is tired with their children drawing on every wall and ruining the paint, create a big chalkboard in a corner of your garden. You will usually need a tougher one than that used in classes but there are many options. You can hang it on a wall or a tree and the children will never draw anywhere else. You can use it also to teach to your kids, when they need a help at math homework.

Kids zone

If you want your kids to enjoy the yard, you will need to install some games to make kid-friendly zones such as

*Trampoline: No one hates bouncing off up and down; the kids will love it but make sure it is safe by replacing the pads on the springs with pool noodles for protection.

*Sand box: You cannot go to beach every day but you can easily build a sand box for your kids. Sand made castles and decorations will help them be more creative and of course it is a lot of fun.