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[ WOW ] 14-year Old Boy Dives into Overpass to Save Cat Hanging Over Bridge…

As Gavin inched closer, Lucky almost willed himself to shout a human word that Gavin would comprehend. He opened his mouth, hissed some gibberish, but Gavin never betrayed any indication that he recognized the cat’s plea.

The cars sped by on the busy highway, and few motorists noticed what was going on.

Meantime Gavin leaped across the freeway, ran fast to the edge of the bridge and snatched traumatized Lucky. The cat, which was now heaving heavily from the shock of near death, clung to Gavin like a hapless kitten sheltering itself from a blizzard. Its paws were now reddened, and its nails were badly severed from trying to grip the pavement to save itself from dropping to its death on the fast flowing crocodile infested river below.

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