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[ WOW ] 14-year Old Boy Dives into Overpass to Save Cat Hanging Over Bridge…

As she screeched to a halt, her son, now alert, bolted out even before the car could stop and sprinted towards the cat. But he was too late. The cat was now on the other side of the road and had jumped on the overpass, grabbed the long metal bar connecting the span and hung precariously. In the meantime, Gavin frantically waved at the oncoming traffic, his left hand signaling the drivers to stop, while his right hand pointed at the cat, but nobody bothered to stop. And he almost got knocked off the road by two angry motorists.

Breathless and nearing panic, Lucky, the cat desperately clung to the long metal bar joining the two elongated pillars of the bridge. He watched as 14 years old Gavin approached and prayed that he’d notice his near-mortal predicament and dash to rescue him. Meanwhile, the metal bar kept swaying against the strong wind blowing underneath the bridge. He looked down at the menacing river water infested with the deadliest crocodiles he had ever seen and quickly closed his eyes. Meanwhile, his muscles strained so painfully he almost let go.

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