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[ WOW ] 14-year Old Boy Dives into Overpass to Save Cat Hanging Over Bridge…

On Sunday, February 12, Erin Brown was cruising her Ford Explorer at a comfortable speed on Highway 196 enjoying the sunshine and the crisp country air that seemed to flow with a tinge of ickiness from the distant mountains across the broad wheat fields on both sides of the highway. She was driving her kid Gavin to a birthday party. Gavin, on the passenger seat, was toying with his mobile phone, and Erin guessed he must have been engrossed on Facebook like so many boys his age were wont to do these days. They were approaching the massive bridge.


Ahead of her, was a red Chrysler picks up truck with a lone driver, who kept swaying left and right on the highway as if inebriated or on drugs. She was careful not to move in too close. You couldn’t tell what could happen on this lonely stretch of the highway.

As they started crossing the long bridge ahead, suddenly Erin almost jumped out of her seat and gripped the steering wheel steadily when she saw what had happened ahead of her. The driver hurled what looked like a furry white object out of his window, and it flew towards the oncoming traffic. She gasped when she recognized a cat mid-air and about to land and get crashed. The driver had thrown a live animal overboard, in an attempt to kill it by drowning. The Chrysler then let out a huge cloud of white smoke, and the huge pick up sped away.

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