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10 Early Signs of Autism

2) Repetitive movements

One of the first of the early signs of Autism should be an interest in repetitive movements that are odd. This doesn’t mean that they are showing an interest in music or toys. It means they are repeating actions over again. It can be frustrating to a parent to realize this.

However, it can be easily pointed out in a family gathering for example where they are many observers that can easily point out that a child is repeating certain behaviour over and over with no clear explanation.

3) Poor social contact

Another one of the early signs of Autism is the lack of any form of social contact. Children with Autism don’t seem to get along with others at all and sometimes even show signs of aggressive behavior. A year old doesn’t need to be exposed to other children in order to start forming relationships. However, if they are not interacting with other people at such a young age, it is possible that there could be many other problems.

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