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10 Early Signs of Autism

There are many signs of autism can help you identify the condition and help prevent it from developing into more serious conditions. While this condition may not be easy to point out or may even be confused with other conditons such as ADHD or ADD, some sings and early symptoms may be able to help you and the doctors as well to point out at the issue firmly and hence propose an adequate treatment.

In this article we will provide you with 10 early sings of autism that if you realize any of them on your child, relative or a loved one, may indicate that something is wrong with them and that they need medical attention.

1) Poor performance

These include not making eye contact, not responding to requests, or to spoken words, weak appropriate verbal commands, not responding to facial expressions, not responding to hand movements, not responding to body movements, and not being able to follow up with emotional cues such as facial expressions

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